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Set - Ready - Film is an accessible, regular workshop held at Film Plus each month, for emerging practitioners to learn through practice: from writing to directing, acting and cinematography.


It’s an opportunity to get the practice you need to be ready for where it counts: on set and on location!


Sign up, meet new people, shoot a short scene in under an hour, then share your takes and learnings.


You get to see the same scene from other creative perspectives, get in there and try it out with the motto ‘fail early - fail often’.


We love you. We support you. We need your scripts!

This is a chance to get out of the writing cave and see your work come to life.

It's designed by a writer, to be the best possible experience for writers.  You're welcome to attend, not attend, make certain requests, give a talk, or even join a team in a certain role.

All you need is a 2 page scene. Go it now...

Email us:

Who can join in?

Film practitioners at all levels (although it is aimed at the needs of emerging level creatives.)


Where & when

One Sunday each month; 1 - 4pm: see event dates

Based at and proudly supported by Film Plus.

Canberra Technology Park, 49 Phillip Avenue, Watson ACT.


Find us via the main entrance - Ground Floor and 'B Block': a large open area near the cafe. 

Go through the main doors, straight ahead and through the foyer.

Contact us if you'd like to see Set - Ready - Film in your region!

 Can I submit a script?

Yes! It just needs to be 2 pages, with 2 - 3 roles. The work must be your own, which you hold all rights to.

Please email it to:

We accept submissions from everyone, but give first preference to emerging and ACT-based writers.

Read more about what helps a script work well for the exercise.

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Community Guidelines

Canberra Gamedevs were kind enough to let us borrow a few words from their community guidelines:

* Treat everyone with respect - Depending on the level of disrespect shown, anyone who fails to do this will be warned or banned immediately. This includes making damaging statements about a person.

* Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or any other exclusionary language will not be tolerated. 

* Feedback is always welcome, however please ensure it is delivered in a manner that is constructive and helpful.

Let's create an inclusive and constructive space so we can learn from each other and make sure everyone feels safe and welcome.


Set Ready FIlm is FREE and intended to remove barriers to access.

(Participants can make an optional donation towards room hire and refreshments.)

Please feel free to contact us to discuss making this accessible for you -  reasonable adjustments can be made! We're also seeking funding for free on-site childcare and transport assistance.



Is it just for emerging level practitioners? 

No - professionals and mid-level practitioners are encouraged to join in. 

We'll match teams to have varying experience levels.  

Will I get the team role I prefer?

We'll ask you for your first and second preference when you sign up.

The role you get depends on demand.

Can I submit a script?

Yes! It just needs to be around 2 pages, preferably 2 roles. The work must be your own, which you hold the rights to.

Please email it to: setreadyfilm(at) You can submit from anywhere in the world. We try to give preference to local, and emerging writers.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please only sign up if you can commit. If you cancel, you cancel the opportunity for three other people. 

I’d like to practice my screen discipline, but it isn’t listed

We've added lighting and sound as new options - participants will need to arrange their own lighting gear / sound equipment.


You can suggest another role/discipline through the sign up form and we’ll do our best to add it.

Why can’t we have more time to prepare?

The scenes shot aren't meant to be polished, but a creative learning exercise. Time limits prevent perfectionism creeping in and help reflect the constraints of a live production.

Can we keep / publish the footage?

If teams and writers agree and work out a way, that’s fine. We ask that everything get deleted if any team member requests that.

Do I need to bring a camera? How do DPs prepare?

We’ll ask if you have a device or camera you can share / bring at sign up, but it isn’t necessary.


Directors will prepare a shot list: this will be emailed to you by 9.30AM the morning of the workshop. You can also contact each other if you wish to discuss.

Based on feedback from DPs when designing the workshop, we encourage Directors to be prepared and plan the shoot.

I’m a writer: what kind of scene works? 

Generally 2 - 3 pages max, with 2 - 3 characters. We've had scenes submitted from short films, longer screenplays, as well as  stand-alone scenes.   It's fine to submit a work in progress - that you really want to develop through this workshop! 


Clear conflict is good - two 'opposing forces' with very different perspectives and goals.  Conflict = drama. Look for a beginning, middle and end within the scene.

Ideas for choosing a scene:

  • Scenes where the 'tables turn' - where there's a surprise or power shift. 

  • Scenes open to interpretation. 

Can I submit a script with more than 2 roles?

If you have a great scene with three roles, send it through. If we have enough sign ups, we can do it!

I'm a Director: how do I prepare?

Directors will need to do about an hour's preparation by analysing the script, thinking about what's going on in the scene, and possibilities for directing it. You'll plan a shot list (four setups max) and send it to your DP by no later than 9AM on the morning of the workshop.

If it's your first time directing there'll be a short online briefing the day before in case you have any questions.

The four shot constraint aims to keep the shoot manageable, and encourage creativity. Check out Resources & Inspiration  below for shot types, tips for working with actors and planning coverage.

I'm an Actor. How do I prepare?

You'll be sent the script and your part the day before. You can familiarise yourself with the script, think about what's happening in the scene and learn the lines if you wish.


You're welcome to come in your own costume if you want to and have one that suits the role. Directors may contact the actors on their team the day before.

I'd love to see Set Ready Film in my area 

Great! Get in touch and let's see if we can make it happen!

You can always run a workshop in your local area and teams can share their work (with everyone's permission) via social media.

Get set ready!

Shots and coverage
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