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Get ready for on-set!

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Film Plus

How it works

Set Ready Film is free and accessible: held on the third Sunday of the month at Film Plus in Canberra.

Writers: submit a script (2 pages, 2 -3 roles). Preference given to local and emerging writers.

Teams include: 1 director, 1 DP (Director of Photography)/ camera op, and 2 - 3 actors. 

1. Sign up, choosing your preference for team roles: director*, actor or DP. 


2. Get the script.


3. First time Directors attend a briefing (online) the day before & plan a shot list. DPs receive shot list.


4. Arrive and meet your team!


5. Prep/rehearsal, then shooting time.


6. Show & tell: teams share their favourite takes and what they learned.

7. Networking.

Image by Prakash Khanal

Calling all Canberra screen creatives!





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TV Director on set
Film Production

Are you looking for opportunities to practice your craft? Perhaps you’d like to try working on the other side of the camera? Or do you just LOVE CINEMA and want to get involved?


Set - Ready - Film is an accessible, inclusive workshop held at Film Plus each month, for emerging practitioners to learn through practice: from writing to directing, acting and cinematography.


It’s an opportunity to get the practice you need to be ready for where it counts: on set!


You can sign up, meet new people, shoot a short scene in under an hour, then share your rushes and learnings. You’ll get to see the same scene from other creative perspectives, get in there and try it out with the motto ‘fail early - fail often’.


'Seeing your work interpreted by others is gold for a writer, and the #setreadyfilm team have set up the most writer-friendly process I’ve experienced.' Julia 


Fill out the form below or email:

Workshops are held third Sunday of the month at Film Plus, Canberra Technology Park, 49 Phillip Avenue Watson ACT 2602

Thanks for submitting!

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